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Your Local Child Care Solution

Why Choose Little Leaders?

Little Leaders home child care programs are built upon learnings from the document How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years. HDLH? guides licensed child care in Ontario with focus on four foundations essential for every child’s optimal learning and healthy development. 

These foundations can be observed every day at Little Leaders:

  • belonging

  • engagement

  • well-being

  • expression


All Little Leaders programs are based on the beliefs that children are competent learners, and capable of complex thinking, but each child care provider has the unique ability to add their own style and design to their programming.

Your child care provider will combine indoor and outdoor activities with resources and materials that will support your child through play-based learning. The child care provider’s guiding hand through child-lead play will aid your little one as they make sense of the world around them. 

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Little Leaders Home Daycare Providers
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Services We Offer To Parents:

Full-time Care

  • 5 days / week

  • Ages 3 mos - 4 years

  • 7am to 6pm (10 hours maximum)

Part-time Care

  • 3-4 days/ week (fixed or flexible schedule)

  • Ages 3 mos - 4 years

  • 7am to 6pm (10 hours maximum)

School-Age Care

  • Ages 4-12

  • Before and/or after school care

  • March break (full days)

  • Winter break (full days)

  • Summer holidays (full days)

Available by request:

  • 1-2 days/week of child care

  • Half days

  • Extended hours

  • Overnight care

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In-Home Safety Measures Before Your Care Begins:

  • Before your child begins care, the home and environment will receive a full home visit inspection and monitoring for health and safety

  • Vulnerable Sector Police Clearance for all home residents for 18 years

  • Unannounced RECE health and safety inspections throughout the year (min. 4-6/yr)

  • Yearly inspections from the Ministry of Education

  • Why should I choose Home child care?
    Smaller groups which means more one on one moments to help foster your child’s development Some homes have pets that can teach your child compassion and responsibility More flexibility during pick up and drop off which can be beneficial if you work shifts Home like environment Mixed age groups allow for siblings to stay together Providers are parents themselves and will love your child as one of their own
  • Is my child too young?
    No, your child is never too young to start We accept children anywhere from birth to 12 years. Give us a call and we would love to get to know you and your little one(s) better in order to place them in the home that will be a perfect fit We will connect you with a home that has other children similar in age. Before you make the decision, you will have an opportunity to meet that provider and see their wonderful programs before enrolling your child(ren)
  • What does license home child care mean?
    It means that the homes are licensed through Little Leaders by the Ministry of Education and are allowed to use this term when they are affiliated with our agency Homes that are contracted through Little Leaders are supported by us through a variety of resources that are available within the community There are a series of regulations and standards that a home has to adhere to in order to be licensed through our agency
  • How do I know if my provider is licensed?
    All Little Leaders’ homes have a green decal posted near the doorway stating they are licensed through Little Leaders (this decal is never visible outside the home as a safety precaution)
  • What does outdoor time look like?
    This varies from home to home, some providers have a wonderful backyard where they stay with the children, some walk over to the neighboring playground or just go for walks around the neighbourhood.
  • What does the schedule in a home childcare look like?
    This also varies from home to home, and even though home childcare is typically more flexible there is a schedule that the providers use to keep your little one happy and busy. Days usually start off with a drop off, followed by free play, outdoor time, lunch, nap, snack, afternoon outdoor time which is often around pick up time. Some providers have children registered in programs offered in community centers or libraries
  • What is a Home Visitor?
    The home visitor is an essential role in the agency as it consists of the individual to be available to support the families and providers in the home child care setting. The home visitor uses a Ministry of Education approved checklist to make sure that the provider is abiding by the rules and regulations set forth by the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (CCEYA). During the home visit the home visitor looks through all necessary documents, toys/materials, interaction between the provider as well as the overall safety of the home. During these visits the home visitor will also complete a child observation for all children who are contracted through the agency. These observations are sent to parents specifying what the child has done during the visit as well as how “How Does Learning Happen?” is presented in the home. The home visitor also visits the home shortly after a new child is enrolled to make sure that the child has settled into the program alright, there is a new child form that is filled out by the home visitor and sent to the parent/guardian to support the transitions for both child and parent/guardian.
  • What is Halton Regions "Quality First" program?"
    Little Leaders Home Childcare agency participates annually in Quality First. Quality First is a program created by the Halton Region to support providers in providing a high-quality program. The home visitor is responsible in supporting the providers throughout this program through setting goals to improve the program as well as recognize which observation/goal may be beneficial to that specific provider. This program looks at the materials, interactions as well as any personal career goals that the providers may have.
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